Melly Wells

bullboat print and event graphics



branding, typography, print, digital

client: Bullboat

Bullboat is a B2B selling tech brands/products from the US to retailers in Europe.

project 1
Bullboat Tech Tour

Taking the brands and products to x4 pop up locations across London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid for retailers to come and see/purchase the products. The idea is centred around collaboration and community. Bringing together both brands and retailers into the same space. The pixelated blocks represent everyones part in building this community and event. The logo splits, highlighting these different elements coming together in unicity. The overall feel is playful and modern with scope to have pixelated movement in the bricks.

key words: dynamic, playful, modern


Selection of web banners


project 2
Bullboat Catalogue

Catalogue of all products Bullboat is working with to send to its subscribers and retailers.

key words: modern, minimalist, powered on the imagery