Melly Wells
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poodle & blonde

poodle & Blonde

digital design

client: Poodle & Blonde
for: Making Shapes Agency

Newsletter templates and signature gifs that reflect Poodle & Blonde’s identity as a new homeware brand in England.
Creation of multiple newsletter templates alongside a seasonal content plan. The templates can be used for New Arrivals, Product Edit and Trend Focus.


For the online shop launch in Fall 2018, a series of IG stories for the countdown.

One of Poodle & Blonde’s founders has 18 pets and we were happy to showcase them all in these stories. The concept was to countdown from 5 days to 1 day, using the founder’s pets, finishing with the famous poodle, Brian, for the launch day.


One of the founders has 18 pets and I wanted to focus on them for the 5 day countdown to the launch of their online shop.